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News Releases, Antennas Direct Partner With Local Sinclair Broadcast TV Stations on Multicity “Broadcast TV Liberation Tour”

Mohu Joins to Advocate for Americans’ Ability to Easily Access Free, Local Broadcast TV Through Multiple Digital Platforms

New Harris Poll Shows Americans Believe Pay-TV Providers Are “Greedy,” “Heartless,” and “Unpleasant”

 What Is Your Biggest Complaint About Your Pay-TV Service

A Survey about Pay-TV and Local Broadcast Television Corrects American Television Alliance’s False Claims on Retransmission Consent

The Programming Fee Chart That Big Pay TV Tries To Hide Issues Statement on FCC Retransmission Consent Proceeding

Multicity “Broadcast TV Liberation Tour” Creates Excitement, Draws Huge Crowds Seeking Free Local TV, Antennas Direct Partner With Local TV Stations To Kick Off Multicity “Broadcast TV Liberation Tour” In Albuquerque, NM Statement on DIRECTV Service Outages Issues Statement on Mediacom Petition to FCC on Retransmission Consent, Antennas Direct Join Forces On Broadcast “TV Liberation Tour” Stop In San Francisco Calls On Congress To Pass The 2015 Community Access Preservation Act (CAP ACT), 05/13/15

TVF Freedom Issues Statement In Support Of Federal Trade Commission’s Lawsuit Against DirectTV, 3/12/15

TabletTV Joins TVFREEDOM.ORG as New Partnership Develops with U.S. Broadcasters to Deliver Free TV to Mobile Tablet Users, 01/27/15 submits formal response to the US House Energy and Commerce Committee on its white paper on video content and distribution, 01/23/15

Washington D.C. Senior Enjoy Free Broadcast TV For Christmas, 12/18/14

Power and Reach of Free, Local Broadcast TV A Big Hit with DC-Area Residents, 11/24/14, Antennas Direct, and LG Electronics USA Set To Kickoff Multi-State, Multi-City ‘Broadcast TV Liberation Tour’, 11/18/14

Sen. McCaskill calls for consumer protections from abusive pay-TV billing, 9/18/14 Responds To Passage of Satellite Television Bill By U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, 9/17/14 Statement on Removal of ‘Local Choice’ From Satellite Television Access and Viewers Rights Act, 9/10/14 Members Voice Strong Opposition To Senate Commerce Committee Video Bill, 9/9/14 Issues Statement On The DirecTV/Raycom Media Retransmission Consent Agreement, 9/7/14 Issues Statement In Opposition to STAVRA Legislation, 9/5/14 To The American Cable Association: Which Is It? Is ACA Against Full A La Carte, Or For It?, 9/5/14 Comes Out In Opposition to Sen. Rockefeller/Thune Proposal, 8/11/14 Calls On Congress To Pass The Community Access Preservation (CAP) Act To Support Public Access Television, 7/15/14 Supports House Judiciary Committee STELA Legilsation, 7/10/14 Shares 2014 Data with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill on Pay-TV/Internet Service Failures Across America, 7/9/14

American Community Television Joins, 7/8/14 Sends Letter to Senate in Support of STELA Reauthorization, 6/26/14 Supports STELA Reauthorization Legislation , 6/10/14

Coalition Calls on Congress to Investigate Pay-TV Billing and Business Practices Hurting Consumers, 6/10/14 to Consumer Groups: Join Us in Fighting Abusive Pay-TV Practices, 4/30/14 Applauds U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill for Standing Up for America’s Consumers, 4/2/14

Pay-TV Push to Eliminate ‘Lifeline Basic Tier’ Option for Consumers a ‘Greed-Driven Demand’, 4/1/14 Releases New Video Exposing the Greed of Pay-TV Operators: “Someone’s Not Being Honest, They’re Trying to Cheat You”, 3/31/14 Calls on Congress, Federal Regulators to Investigate Pay-TV’s Spurious Claims of Cost-Savings Passed On to Consumers, 3/27/14 Statement on Today’s Bi-partisan Approval of STELA Legislation by the House Subcommittee on Communications & Technology, 3/25/14 Statement on Proposed STELA Reauthorization Legislation, 2/28/14

Strong Latino, Consumer Voices Join, 2/10/14

New Coalition Launches to Protect Consumer Interest, Promote the Value of Broadcast-TV Programming, and Preserve a Fair and Free Video Marketplace, 2/3/14

News About the Video Marketplace

Guest Blog: A Rural Lifeline Not to Be Compromised
Broadcasting & Cable, 1/13/16

NAB: Consolidated Cable Needs No FCC Retrans Aid 12/01/2015

ATVA Presents FCC With Good Faith Wish List 12/01/2015

NAB Accuses FCC of Ignoring Consolidated Cable Industry in Retrans Review 12/01/2015

Broadcasters Praised On House Floor
Broadcasting & Cable, 2/27/2015

Congress Blog: Local broadcast TV’s integral role in American culture
The Hill, 2/24/2015

DirecTV Q4 sub growth spikes to 149K thanks to Dish programmer fights
Fierce Cable, 2/19/2015

Millennials Are Abandoning Their TV Sets Faster Than Ever
Time Magazine, 2/18/2015

Cable’s Basic Tier is a Viable Option for Us Consumers, 02/11/15

TabletTV Joins TVFreedom
Broadcasting & Cable, 1/27/2015
Guest Blog: Local TV Broadcasting: Lifeblood of U.S. Communications Ecosystem
Broadcasting and Cable, 1/20/2015

Sources: Local Choice Expected to Be Pulled from STAVRA
Broadcasting & Cable, 9/9/2014

Nothing more than a ‘choice’ deal for pay-TV
The Hill, 9/9/2014

Local Choice Retrans: Look Before You Leap
TVNewsCheck, 8/13/2014

Networks Reject ‘à la carte’ TV
The Hill, 8/11/2014

Does the FCC Chairman Value Local Broadcast TV?
Broadcasting & Cable, 7/30/2014

TVFreedom Pushes for PEG Bill
Broadcasting & Cable, 7/15/2014

Comcast Opposes Hill Action on Retrans Changes
Broadcasting & Cable, 7/15/2014

How pay-TV industry fails to connect with customers
The Hill, 7/14/2014

Retrans Language Absent From Satellite Bill
TVNewsCheck, 7/10/2014

CEA: Retrans Reforms Should Be In Satellite Bill
Broadcasting & Cable, 7/10/2014

ACT Takes Stand for TVFreedom
Broadcasting & Cable, 7/8/2014

TVFreedom Praises Clean STARA
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/26/2014

McCaskill Launches Cable Bill Beef Site
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/25/2014

Is the Sky Falling on the Retransmission Consent System?
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/18/2014

The Rising Revolution Against Pay-TV
Roll Call, 6/12/2014

Media groups call for crackdown on cable, satellite TV prices
The Hill, 6/10/2014

Senate Judiciary Issues STELA Bill
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/10/2014

Broadcasters Push Congress To Investigate Pay-TV Prices
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/10/2014

Local TV Broadcasters Deliver Front-Line Reporting in Emergencies
Broadcasting & Cable, 6/10/2014

Senate should ignore pay-TV’s STELA add-ons
The Hill, 6/5/2014

Congressional calendar winding down on STELA
The Hill, 6/4/2014

FCC Commissioner Visits SF Businesses, 5/30/2014

Shocker: Cable TV prices went up four times the rate of inflation
Arstechnica, 5/16/2014

Cut Your Cable Costs With a Basic Cable TV Package
Consumer Reports, 5/14/2014

The Future of Pay-TV: Squeezing More Cash From Fewer Customers, 5/13/2014

Pay TV: You’re Not Watching More Channels, But You’re Definitely Paying for Them, 5/6/2014

At Cable Convention, an Industry Tries to Face Up to Its Tarnished Reputation
New York Times, 5/4/2014

Trapped Into Paying Extra for Cable TV Sports
Los Angeles Times, 5/1/2014

Broadcasters Hunt for Allies in Fight Against Cable Companies
The Hill, 5/1/2014 Keep Lifeline Basic Tier
TV Broadcast Report, 4/1/2014

Senate Commerce Takes ON STELA
Multichannel News, 4/1/14

TVFreedom Takes On NCTC
Broadcasting & Cable, 3/27/14

Broadcasters: End the March Toward Retrans Reform Madness
Broadcasting & Cable, 3/26/14

Pay TV’s mission is to kill free broadcast TV
The Hill, 3/11/14

FCC chief targets broadcasters to end TV blackouts, helps cable industry friends, 3/10/14

Sources: Must-Buy Tier Language Dropped From STELA Proposal
Broadcasting & Cable, 3/5/14

Broadcasters to Fight STELA Retrans Threat, 3/3/2014

’Video Choice Act’ is a bad deal for everybody making, selling, watching TV content
Washington Examiner, 3/3/2014

Broadcasters Howl Over Proposed Changes to Carriage Rules, 2/28/2014

Broadcasters Launch Group to ‘Tell the Truth’ About Cable, Satellite Operators
Variety, 2/4/2014

Congress shouldn’t carry water for, 2/4/2014

Nets, Stations Push Back on Retrans Via, 2/3/2014

Broadcasters Form Retrans Messenger, 2/3/2014

Stations, Nets Unite to Battle Retrans Foes, 2/3/2014

Local TV audiences bounce back
Pew Research Center, 1/28/2014

McCain pushes anti-blackout legislation
Fierce Cable, 1/7/2014

Proposals Seek to End TV and Online Blackouts that Result from Retransmission Disputes
Streaming Media, 12/16/2013

Rep. Walden: Not So Fast On Retrans Reform
TV NewsCheck, 12/4/2013

Should the government try to ‘fix’ retransmission consent?
The Hill, 11/22/2013

Retransmission Fees And The Coming Media War
Seeking Alpha, 11/19/2013

How Americans Get Their TV at Home
Pew Research, 10/11/2013