Exposing Pay-TV’s Greed-Driven Push for Regulatory Change

Check out these videos featuring real-world experiences of cable and satellite TV subscribers who expressed frustration with their unreliable pay-TV service, faulty equipment, arbitrary price hikes and poor customer service when contacting their respective service providers for help. Victimized by a lack of transparency related to unexplained and surprise charges on monthly bills and a poor customer service experience, the people we spoke with expressed incredible frustration with their pay-TV service providers. Take a look at the videos below and then make the determination about what’s really causing headaches for consumers.



Benefits of Retransmission Consent Revenues for Your Hometown

See how retransmission fees fund your favorite TV shows, staff local broadcast TV newsrooms, distribute innovative technology, and provide you with breaking news, investigations, weather updates and emergency alerts in your area while offering essential regional public safety and public health information – around the clock.