Our Mission

TVfreedom.org is committed to building a brighter TV future that expands the wide choice of programming access and options available to today’s TV viewers. Consumers are too often held hostage by the control that powerful pay-TV companies wield over their choices and pricing. Consumers are seeking the freedom and ability to access their favorite television programming at an affordable price. 

Our Principles

We believe in a robust entertainment market that promotes competition and provides consumers with the cutting-edge local and network programming they love.

We believe in local broadcasting, which provides community-specific, culturally relevant local news, weather and emergency information while offering essential public safety and public health information to local communities.

We believe cable and satellite TV providers should treat all channels fairly – and that programmers should compensate channels based on the ratings, popularity and quality of the programming each channel provides to viewers.

We believe cable and satellite TV providers should stop creating artificial TV blackouts in hopes of persuading policymakers to tilt the negotiation process in their favor. Today, 99% of carriage related negotiations are resolved without programming disruption to consumers.

We believe pay-TV providers should fairly compensate the local broadcast stations and content creators who seek to bring viewers popular TV shows, sports, local news and emergency information.

We believe customers deserve more openness and transparency on their monthly pay-TV bills.

We believe Congress should initiate legislation to advance pay-TV transparency reform, including lawsto protect America’s television viewers from the pay-TV industry’s exploitive billing and business practices.

We believe in a television future that capitalizes on new technologies and the dynamism of the private marketplace to provide TV viewers with the high quality, cutting-edge programming they love.

We believe consumers should get refunds on their monthly bills for programming blackouts created by cable and satellite providers.

We believe that consumers should have real choice in the pay television marketplace, without the burden of onerous early termination fees.


TV Freedom

While cable and satellite providers are pushing to tilt the odds in their favor by controlling what you can watch and access on your TV, Americans continue to recognize the value of the quality broadcast network entertainment they love, as well as the important local weather, safety and news alerts they rely on.

It was Congress’ foresight that forged a national commitment and set forth policies to ensure that every American has access to diverse local broadcast TV news and opinions, investigative reporting, timely emergency information and a reliable communications medium capable of airing their opinions and advancing the public interest. The ability of local broadcast TV stations to serve our nation’s local communities rests on the existence of viable revenue streams that Congress has traditionally made available to promote local television service.