Retransmission Consent Facts

Retransmission Consent Facts & Resources

    • Retransmission consent fees are not the cause of rising pay-TV bills (only two cents of every dollar goes to pay-TV providers’ operating cost). (“Where Your Cable Dollar Goes”)



    • Two-thirds of all retransmission disputes have been caused by DirectTV, Dish and Time Warner Cable since January 1, 2013. (See ATVA “Blackout List 2010 – 2015” on its Media Center web page ). Specifically, there have been 38 incidents of retransmission consent disputes between pay-TV companies and broadcasters that resulted in programming disruptions since January 2013. Twenty-six of the 38 incidents over that occurred over the past two years involved DirectTV, Dish and Time Warner Cable.


  • Fact: hundreds of retransmission consent deals are struck each year between broadcasters and pay-TV companies without any programming disruptions.


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