Why We Joined TVfreedom.org

Yesterday, Media Alliance joined the TVfreedom.org coalition, adding our voice to more than 20 organizations ranging from local broadcasters to community advocates and network affiliate boards to manufacturers. Today, we want to explain what is at stake for millions of consumers who have been used as bargaining chips by pay-TV providers trying to boost record profits.

Media Alliance believes that in order to ensure the free and unfettered flow of information and ideas necessary to maintain a truly democratic society and help underserved communities, media must be accessible, accountable and representative of society’s diversity.

As a member of the coalition, we believe:

  • That customers deserve more openness and transparency on their cable and satellite bill
  • That consumers should get refunds on their monthly bills for unfair programming blackouts created by cable and satellite providers.
  • That consumers should have real choice in the pay television marketplace, without the burden of onerous early termination fees.
  • That content creators should be fairly compensated for their work.
  • That cable customers should stop being charged too much for video, voice and Internet services

Pay-TV should look for better ways to improve the customer experience and lower ridiculously high cable and satellite bills. Free, over the air television is an essential source of news and information for many seniors and low-income communities, who are hurt by programming blackouts on the only television service many can afford and cannot always access pay TV options due to high costs.

These steps are essential to protecting the viewing public and ending big cable’s practice of manipulating consumers with sneaky hidden fees and unwanted programming.

On behalf of all of our members who work to serve the public interest, we are proud to support the goals of TVfreedom.org.

From Media Alliance

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