Consumer Access to Local Broadcast TV Emergency Alerts in Jeopardy

TVfreedom’s Director of Public Affairs, Robert C. Kenny, recently did a short podcast with Donny Jackson of Urgent Communications to talk about STELA and the potential elimination of the lifeline basic service tier provision as part of the reauthorization of the Act and the potential impact it will have on the American television viewer.  The discussion focuses on this important issue from both an economic and public safety standpoint, the fact that it will cost them more to get access to their valued local TV stations on pay-TV systems going forward if eliminated, negatively impacting low-income families and seniors on fixed income who rely on that option.  Ultimately, for many people, it will take away their potential life-saving emergency alerts and warnings aired by their local TV stations in times of crisis, unless they want to pay their cable or satellite TV provider more to get it back.

 Listen to the podcast here:

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