No Matter How You Slice It, Pay-TV Comes Up Short

By Robert C. Kenny | February 17, 2016

According to a new Harris Poll, pay-TV subscribers say their biggest concerns with their cable or satellite TV service are excessive equipment rental fees (21%), poor service/connection quality (17%) and poor customer service (13%). It’s appalling that these problems have been plaguing pay-TV subscribers for two decades with no sign of improvement.  When will it all end?

If ATVA really cared about the American television viewer, and, in particular, satellite TV and cable subscribers, then it would work with its pay-TV member companies to develop a core set of consumer-friendly policies that would truly help improve the pay television experience.  The industry’s narrow focus on broadcast TV programming costs misses the forest for the trees and does nothing to help the consumer.  It’s time for pay-TV companies to stop playing the blame game and adopt real change.

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