The Great Pay-TV Rip-Off

Greedy pay-TV companies have built a $100 billion per-year industry on the backs of the American consumer… and here’s what they get in return…

By Robert C. Kenny | February 8, 2016

To reporters covering the U.S. video marketplace, we thought you might find the following infographic of interest.  It highlights the fact that U.S. pay-TV companies collectively generate $100 billion per-year on the backs of the American consumer.  Despite these sustained annual revenue gains, cable and satellite TV companies have failed to improve the customer experience in more than 20 years.  Instead, pay-TV companies use bait and switch billing to lock customers into multi-year contracts, only for those customers to see their monthly bills increase as much as $40 or $50 per month in year two of the contract unless they downgrade their TV programming package.  Sadly, tens of millions of customers have to deal with unreliable service, excessive equipment rental fees and deplorable customer service when attempting to address any number of problems with their pay-TV service or monthly bills.  Moreover, pay-TV subscribers are forced to deal with frustrating erroneous billing charges or rogue customer service agents.  Indeed, some pay-TV companies impose a two-year contract on subscribers with early-termination fees that start at $480.

Enough is enough.  Consumers deserve better from their cable and satellite TV companies. #payTVgreed

To view the infographic online, please click here.