U.S. Consumers Fed Up With Negligent Pay-TV Practices

By Robert Kenny | February 15, 2016

According to a new Harris Poll, nearly everyone says that pay-TV services are more expensive than they should be and one in two American’s portray pay-TV service providers as greedy business people, who are making the experience relatively unaffordable.  As for DVR/cable box rental fees, 79 percent of Americans believe they are too high and it remains a top concern for subscribers.

With that backdrop, we thought you may find the following infographic illustrating pay-TV subscribers’ biggest concerns about their pay-TV service of interest.  Notwithstanding the overall cost of the monthly bill, pay-TV subscribers say their biggest concerns with their cable or satellite TV service are excessive equipment rental fees (21%), poor service/connection quality (17%) poor customer service (13%), and complicated billing (10%).

Many subscribers had other issues that were very concerning, such as difficulty canceling service or attempting to downgrade their programming packages to save money.

It’s time for ATVA and its member pay-TV companies to address true consumer harms related to outrageous annual price hikes, poor service quality, excessive equipment rental fees and deplorable customer service.

To view the infographic, please click here.